Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days
NLP and Hypnotherapy Book For Parents

A simple step-by-step guide to help children conquer bedwetting problems in just a few days. This book is an easy to read guide to parents and care givers using the latest thinking from the field of positive psychology NLP and hypnotherapy to help children to overcome bedwetting in just a few days.

It is written in simple no jargon language so that everybody can understand it and use immediately.

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Engaging NLP for Parents
Practical and easy to implement NLP book for parents.
  • Would you like to be…
  • Confident
  • Able to say ‘no’… and feel OK about it
  • Aware of Choices available
  • Solution focused
  • Calm and controlled
  • Learn some great skills to pass on to your kids?
If so, this book is definitely for YOU

As parents we want to do the best for our children and step children because we love them and we know that what we do and say makes a difference.

Sometimes though we find that we can't cope, things are going wrong and we are out of our depth. Our own confidence suffers and clouded in confusion with mixed messages from friends wanting to help, books and articles we read and family advice, we lose the plot.

Children can see right through us when we are at our most vulnerable and they pick up on our despair. Parents frequently tell me that their child has no idea how they are feeling but I can tell you that they do. Even very small children who may be unaware of the detail or what we call 'small chunk' issues get the bigger picture that we are depressed and unable to cope.

It is terribly important as a parent that we sort out our own emotional issues because until you do, it will be very difficult to parent effectively.

You are the model for your children. They learn from you how to respond to life's challenges and how to relate to people outside the family.

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NLP For New Mums

Practical and easy to implement NLP book for New Mums.

You will find NLP exercises, tips and techniques for dealing with these important life changes.

There are chapters on
    • using the power of your mind to help you get pregnant
    • anchoring a calm, confident and resourceful state
    • understanding the new 'you' and adjusting to the life changes
    • building rapport and self esteem
    • coping with the emotional highs and lows
    • dealing with sibling rivalry
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Engaging NLP for Children
Practical and easy to implement NLP book for Children.

This book will help teach Children about

  • Self esteem
  • Setting goals
  • Controlling their mood
  • Managing criticism
  • Coping with change
  • Coping with grief
  • Making friends
  • Learning styles
Recommended for parents and kids

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Engaging NLP for Teachers
Practical and easy to implement NLP book for teachers.

What if you could be…
    • The teacher you always knew you could be
    • Someone who inspires children to achieve all they want
    • Flexible about the choices you make in the classroom
    • Happy and confident you have all the resources you need
    • Resilient in the face of adversity
If you want to be a happier more confident and Resourceful teacher then this book is for you

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NLP Back to Work
Aimed at all women going back to work or even starting to think about work for the first time.

If you are a mom looking to go back to work after the birth of a baby or after raising your kids, this book is highly recommended. It is full of helpful information to help you rethink the way that you are considering working, as well as helping you with practical skills that you will need, including juggling your life, interviewing, and more. This is an excellent book about communicating as well, including communicating with your children, your spouse, and your friends. It reminds us that doing what we have always done will just give us what we have always had, which is important to really internalize. This book is excellent for any age of mom who is looking to return to the work force either full or part time to allow her to really reconsider the way that she is going about the process and maybe even the job that she is considering. Easy to read and light read, but full of practical and deep information.

In short, would you like to have…

  • Good self belief
  • Outcome thinking
  • More flexibility
  • More positivity
  • The ability to prioritise

If so, this book is definitely for YOU!

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Recover Your Energy
Recover your energy and end fatigue by using energy enhanced NLP and the power of your mind.

Whether you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Glandular Fever or are just exhausted, discover your own energy in the most natural way possible. By understanding your own personal energy system and learning how to set it to wellness you need never again be lacking in energy.

Ever felt exhausted, no energy ever wondered why? It could be:
    • Your environment
    • Those negative people around you
    • Negative emotions within you
    • Internal conflict  and indecision
    • another chronic illness that is leaving you feeling exhausted
    • you are a very sensitive person and affected by negative energies
    • you are empathetic and feel obliged to give your energy away
    • you feel all over the place, just not like you.

Journeying through this book will enable you to activate your own internal "team" to recover your energy. Recover your energy is written in a light-hearted way because story telling is the easiest way to teach the skills you need to improve your health. It is a light-hearted treatment of very profound emotional, physical and energetic manifestations. You will learn to clear anything that negatively affects your health, understand your own personal energy system and be able to set it up for health, wellness and vitality.

Recover your energy is intended to enhance any conventional medical practice or complementary medicine, not replace it. It empowers the individual to take action, using the resources they already possess, to positively affect their health and aid their recovery.

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Now the UK's No.1 selling NLP Book for those with Literacy and Numeracy challenges including those with Dyslexia and learning difficulties.

"Seeing Spells Achieving" takes you through a series of simple logical steps which build on each other to enable you or your children to visualise your way to success, developing skills you already possess. Improve your spelling, reading, memory, dyslexic symptoms, in any language, by using your brain the way nature intended, through NLP and visualisation.

Olive and Andrew have devised an easy to run, practise orientated model. Work on your own or with a parent, friend or teacher and allow yourself to break free from your own limiting beliefs on your abilities. You'll be amazed how quickly - Seeing Spells Achieving enables you to look at things from a New Perspective and enjoy a whole new world.

Retail Price Rs 675.00
Our Price Rs 290.00

NLP and the art  of Negotiation
Practical and easy to implement NLP book to sharpen your negotiating and Influencing skills.

Would you like to…
    • Win more business
    • Get better deals on anything
    • Influence decisions and behaviour
    • Increase your confidence
    • Supercharge your income

If so, this book is definitely for YOU!

Retail Price Rs 950.00
Our Price Rs 550.00

That’s the top 9 of the Best NLP book for beginners to possess (a must have for your library). However, if you want to advance your NLP skills, we suggest to take the NLP training. Remember, if you attend the NLP training, you are not spending your money, but you are make the best investment ever.

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