About Us

'Zing' is more than just a word, an idea, a dream, a quest or a passion. Conceptualized by Umesh Soman, a new generation ‘change facilitator’, the term ‘Zing’ now represents a completely new philosophy, a new way of living.

Great organizations realize that its greatest asset never really figures across its financial balance sheet . Great managers realize that, the sum of their achievements is always far greater than the mere addition of the efforts expended by their work force.

The ‘Human Capital’ however is seldom understood, and even more rarely realized to its complete potential. The difference between a happy , effective work force and a ineffective bunch of ‘its-just-a-job’ employees is just that single word – Zing.

The happy employees have it; you can see it in their smile, body language, humour, their confidence and even the half-hidden whistle under their breath… These ones who love who they are and love what they do; no wonder they so excel at it !!

And it does not end at that. Zing does not just create happy employees, it also creates happy bosses !!

According to this school of thought, each individual striving to fulfill their own personal objectives does not necessarily have to be in conflict with the objectives, vision or mission of the organization as a whole. Each person striving to achieve their own creative & effective best, can only always work towards achieving the end goals of any organization.

Zing, as a management philosophy, can be applied to any stream of business or personal development, and it would be unfair to restrict it to any specific stream of work or application. As it is a ‘people perspective’, it works just as effectively regardless of the systems, processes, size or type of industry it would be used in...

Zing aims to touch peoples’ lives and make a difference to each and every individual it meets while fulfilling its own quest.

It hopes to continue making organizations friendlier & happier, even as they cash in on all the benefits that arise from making this vital transition.

Zing is Change. Zing is Passion.. Fun… Better!
Zing is living to the full.. Happily!
Experience it… Find out.. And know for yourself!