Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have you identified your passion?

There are people for whom deciding on a passion can be a chore. There are many of us out there who know not what it is we love to do. In the present we are afraid to risks, more so if we aren’t sure of what we love. Often we even have to deal with making passions into jobs which can lead to dissatisfaction. This tends to interfere with our notion that we would love our passions as job and then we have to deal with the reality that we lost interest in our passion because we tried to earn from it?

There is a whole new angle to exploring passions. Passions come easy to you when you decide that is the path you want to take. Let’s look at DharmendraRai.

A decade of conventional careers brought him to a place we often find ourselves at -- dissatisfied and unable to find a clear road ahead. He decided steps needed to be taken. But in which direction? He grappled with too many passions and interests in life. His ability to do them well was never a matter of discussion. He analyzed, consciously, what he wanted to do and ‘abandoned’ most of his beliefs in order to arrive at a decision of what he would like to pursue. That decision took some time.
Dharmendra Rai

This is usually not a step everyone can take consciously. Confronting our beliefs and consciously giving them up to choose life paths is something that takes conviction. It led him down a path that made him pick his beliefs and then, choose actions to stay true to these beliefs.

Dharmendra picked an avenue he was good with. He always loved training and interacting with people. But all the thinking led him down a road. He wanted to train but he also wanted to able to offer something others would not offer. That would be one way, according to him to use his passion and skill in a manner that would be most suited for making it a success.

He has completed an advance level in NLP and picked another specific avenue. Today he is the first and only MindMap trainer in Mumbai. His aim is to influence as many people as he can to do things differently and ably. To identify and work with what you are best at.

Passion is great and identifying is even better, he says. But you succeed if you put in a 100 per cent at whatever you do. Passion is not important as much as is the ability to identify a task you like and then keep to it by giving 100 per cent. “Learn about your hurdles and be committed to work hard, stop expecting miracles.” Today he conducts workshops, seminars, open seminars, does online courses -- all talking about and teaching his methods to identify, visualize and achieve goals. His aim -- to get more people to do creative exercises and achieve their goals and potential.

You, too, can realize your potential. NLP can help you indentify your goals, show you ways to achieve them, teach you steps to commit and work hard at them and finally achieving them. Contact us for the next workshop where you can participate.

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