Monday, December 5, 2011

Why a passion isn't always a job?

We are often creatures of habit as we discussed earlier. We live and we learn. We look around and observe and see and read about people who take chances and live their fullest. Then, in keeping with human nature, we compare. We compare their situation to ours, their choices to ours, their results to ours and many other such comparisons.

We come away thinking that was them, not me. I could never do something like that. Take that risk. Make that leap. No. I am good at what I do and so what if I am not passionate. That can’t be the most important aspect. So you convince yourself.

Vishvesh Avashia
But then there are some of those who don’t need to physically move jobs or careers to discover their passion. They have a drive to find their passion from within and not necessarily by changing all the variables before they attempt the journey to find their passion. Their aim is to find a passion in their existing job or career paths that elevates the job to a level of a passion.

I met one such person and speaking to him I realized sometimes to see a change in your life, you need to be the change. Vishvesh Avashia discovered he liked working with people. People in teams meant diversity. Working with different people meant all working together and achieving the same result. It was a great fillip for him to work with people.

He started off working as a project manager and today works with entrepreneurs, understanding their business and its needs better in order to be able to provide effective solutions. But that is just what he does. What he loves is working with so many minds, each with a creative input. Each mind and person present a challenge, one he could hardly replicate no matter where or what he does. He is always looking for openness and the collaborative spirit. It helps him respond to the passion he sees in other people.

His aim, to find his balance, was to be able to use his skills in the most complementary way to be able to identify his and others’ passion. This study and exercise did not come from a place of not wanting to change but instead, came from a place of wanting to tweak and hone what one already knows exists.

Do you feel like that? You love your work but would like to change certain aspects of it? Are you having a tough time identifying it? Ask us how.

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