Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who are your anchors?

What are the things that bring you peace? Thoughts, actions, gestures, material manifestation – it could be any one of these things or all of these things.  Peace and happiness or just the feeling of being content means different things for different people.

When you think of a job, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Security? Money? Passion? The reason it can mean different things is because it means different things for different people. There is nothing wrong with these associations but have you wondered how these associations have to come to form.

These associations form as a result of what we see, what we experience and what we see others experience.

Sometimes these associations get in the way of achieving what could potentially be our fullest capability because we hesitate to take an action that might not have a desired result. We hear some words and see some actions and immediately see a consequence.

This is a result of our experience and our observations. All this information creates a certain picture in our minds which becomes the truth for us. While that is completely correct conclusion, it is also not the only picture. Our mind processes much more than what we just see. And it is something we do not do consciously. How does one fight and change something we cannot identify consciously?

That is where Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP comes in. NLP helps you attune to your senses better. The thing about NLP is that it relies on cues and words that you have been using all your life. But it changes the default trigger patterns on those cues.

For example, there is an outfit you wear every time you need luck. You do not think you are superstitious but you guard this secret very safely, believing in omens. After an NLP seminar, you are most likely to look at that outfit as just another outfit, not one that can change the outcome. This, in turn, means you will make a better decision about an opportunity and not let it go because you weren’t wearing you lucky outfit.

NLP uses what are known as ‘anchors’, taught in NLP seminars in Mumbai, India, to change how we respond to everyday situations. By changing how we will react to situations, we even change the outcome of the situation. We use more information that is made available to us due to our senses and because of which we make more effective decisions. Trainings and workshops are regularly conducted to familiarize you with the concepts of NLP.  These workshops give certification in different degrees of competency in NLP. A basic workshop consists of rigorous five-day workouts with NLP concepts, with a trainer in Mumbai.

NLP can help you make better decisions that will enable you to achieve your full potential. Do you know you can make your life better by just making better decisions? You can email us to sign up for the next beginner-level workshop.

It is the holiday season and we, at Zing, would like to wish you good wishes for the season. Hope you have a powerful and achievement-laden 2012. We will see you in 2012.

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