Monday, December 12, 2011

Does passion always equal a fabulous job?

Often people don’t take risks because they do not have support or because they are not able to convince their loved ones how important their dream is. And there are others who find that support without having to prove themselves. Madhav Ajgaonkar is one such music composer.

Madhav’s very clear. He is what he is today is because of the support of all those around him.

“I love music and have always known that. But to make my dream happen and for my passion to support my life, my family and friends were instrumental. My father was very supportive. He taught me the value of money and showed me why it is important to even raise money, not just borrow from friends and family.

Madhav Ajgaonkar

 “We did street shows and theatre and worked hard to put together money for the first background sound for a documentary. We showed our documentary at a school. That sound of children clapping is still with me. That means more to me than most accolades that I have gathered along the way.”

Two of his most important influences in life are his father and his wife.  He also attributes the fact that he was the second sibling and that took considerable pressure off him to not need to follow conventional roles. “Not only did my brother help me whenever I needed it, he helped me follow my dream by just being him.

“My wife has also been my pillar and my strength. She not only believed in my dream but also supported me and our new family till I got a hang of things.  People are always needed for encouragement.  You can decide to follow your dream and even achieve it but it always makes a difference when people around you believe in you.”

Today he successfully creates background scores for movies. He even dabbles in other areas of music. He encourages young artists. But if anyone asks him about following music as a passion and a dream job, he gives an unexpected answer.

Madhav had an interesting perspective on following your passion. Having done what he has done, today he is quite certain that if he had to do things differently he would have preferred keeping his passion a passion alone.

“I was good at academics and today wonder would I have created better and more music if I only did it as a hobby? In case of every passion that becomes a job there comes a time when you start doing it like a job and not enjoying it for the passion it is. It even happens to my music. I slowly began to segregate the music I create and the job I do. There are times when both meet but often one is to pay the bills while the other feeds the soul. It brought me to a place where I wondered if I did anything else, would I have enjoyed my passion more or do I enjoy it more because I do every day?

Madhav may or may not know the answer to that question but he took a step early in life and with the immense support around him today carved a niche in an industry that blooms with new artist and technicians every day.

What do you think?


  1. Madhav - way to go , you can be a role model to many wanting to pursue their dreams

  2. Great articles on this blog... Thanks! :)