Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When work does not give stress: How to make work fun?

After the great response to Mamta's earlier post, we decided to ask her to do another guest post on what is work. Here she is on what is work for her. 

Yesterday I had a meeting around 11.00 p.m. at the Marriott, Jaipur. I had come from Delhi and the person I was meeting was to arrive from Bangalore. My niece, a resident of Jaipur, accompanied me; I promised her a glass of wine J

On our way, we got lost and instead of getting there 15 minutes early, we got late.We still went to the bar and found it shut for the day. We sat down and had water, forgetting that I could search for the person I was to meet. Eventually I called the person I was to meet and she said she was sitting in the coffee shop. I also learned that wine was available even in the coffee shop… so we trudged there and found two people eating their dinner and waiting for us.

We discussed all that we had to and then I asked if I could order a glass of wine - the same one I had promised my niece. Three of us opted for the same wine, sipping it slowly. Conversations touched other areas that they required assistance with. The meeting was very relaxed, informal and casual  and went on till 1.00 a.m. without any of us realizing.

Today I met my niece again as she dropped me to the airport for my flight as I was running late. And the very next minute I got a text message saying my flight had been delayed by 30 minutes. My niece remarked, “Wow! Now we do not have to rush. Yesterday, your meeting was so cool, nice, relaxed, and so interesting. It did not at all feel like work. Mausi thank you, thank God, your flight has got delayed. Now we can chat.”

Yet the same delay ensured that I was late sending an important courier. Though, at that moment, I was set back, the angels are with me J and I got the opportunity to write this article. This delay did send me wondering, why WORK carries tags like stress, workaholic, hard working, tough, horrible, and demanding. I am sure you get the message.

Now if you were to sleep nonstop and every day, I am sure, your body will feel symptoms of stress. Of course they symptoms will be of a different kind of stress. Imagine if you were only eating J . My point is if whatever we do is fun and we spend our time we are willing to spend on a task, why would it create stress?  We balance it with by doing some other stuff, and not allow life to become boring and mundane.

Then, my niece asked me, why do people not want to experience new things? Why are they happy being the same way forever? How can people exist for sake of existing?

If we approach everything with love and fun, then all that we call work and life becomes fun. If you find the space you are in, seems like a burden or ‘work’ then Get Out. Let GO… Move On. Find your groove.

And… as I was writing this at the airport, my poor old computer lost all the reserve battery and I thought, it was for the best. As I continue this thought, things I believe have always been put to test. Did I come out of it with flying colors? I hope so, my friends always say I do, and that I am amazing. J

I think the part of me, which loves fairly tales, wishes that nothing should be out of place… EVER. I want it all picture perfect. A dear friend will say who defines it as out of place… God Bless You. J

The compassionate me keeps forgiving others, again and again . Maybe those are the times my ego needs a boost. The businessperson in me keeps wondering about the costly effect of errors. Oh! How would our world appear minus accountants?

The logical, practical and analytical side of me knows it all J and knows what does not work, when it is not working and how to fix what is not working. (Now we do MBAs to learn about this aspect) and imagine I have spent last 30 years working to learn all this.

The experiences say why do you need to learn things again and again? How does one keep the love for work and life intact, the special feeling, the high (which was definitely not created by wine) that I felt at Marriott and which my niece sensed too.

I love what I do and balancing it with the time does not seem to be in divine synchronicity. This is what Entrepreneurship is about. Work and Life both have their lows, challenges and upsets, as an Entrepreneur, one tends to face them, sometimes as if life is only a tornado.

Does the answer lie in slowing down? No way. I must do what I have come here to do and smile at the tornado with my most charming smile and say tomorrow you will be gone but I will be here. J

Be Persistent! Be in Love! Be in Balance

Proud to be an EntrepreneurJ

Be proud of yourself and be an Entrepreneur.

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