Monday, November 7, 2011

On being an entrepreneur and business person : How to live as an entrepreneur or business person

When Umesh asked me to write an article, I just said yes because I love writing :)  … and then, I visited this blog, and peeped around, oh boy what could I write about?

My life so far has been very colorful and full of interesting experiences. I wouldn't put all of them in the happy or pleasant category and when you look back as I am doing right now and ask yourself, where do I begin, it seems truly exciting and daunting.

I don't think I have ever done the expected...always one of those who wanted to bend rules, ignore rules, make rules, yet in love with tradition, culture, elders, teachers, systems, country... so always lived in contradiction.

How do you get born in a traditional, conservative, north Indian business family and that to as a female and in the 60's and yet understand Who You Are. Back then such thoughts were not even entertained let alone discussed.

I was lucky that my family believed education for the female population was very important and the best-est school is the only thing best. Therefore, at age five I got sent to Presentation Convent School. Prior to that few private classes were organized to ensure that I know all the required stuff for the exam. In those days, P.C.S (that is what my school was known as) was a huge deal, the top school a girl could join.

I passed through with flying colors :) and in my excitement went the next day to my old school, and went personally to each student and gave them sweets and told them I got admission :) Now I was all of age five.

But, when I look back I wonder did all the kids appreciate this little five year bragging :)) enthusiasm got me to do that or maybe my parents asked me to distribute the sweets. I am not sure, though it does not matter. I did do so :)

How does one decide what to share? Especially now in the present with Facebook, being our window to the world, 24 x 7. Have we all turned into exhibitionist or simply the enthusiasm of the five year old what we are all about. Our soul simply wants to share.

My nine-year-old nephew recently asked his tuition teacher if she was going for F1, she politely declined and next minute pat came; his reply well I am going :)

I had just walked into the room and was a bit aghast; and then I calmed myself. He is all of nine years and is just; wanting to share his enthusiasm, unaware of the economic divide that exists. So glaringly in our country, that how we co – exist simply amazes me. God Bless us All. The incident reminded me of my joining the new school at age 5; where the fee was 10 times of the school, I was leaving behind.

How does one cope with the economic divide, which exists and remain humble, loving, caring and live each day with trust, honesty, and integrity and yet enthusiastically.

The answer is simple :) Be an entrepreneur... start a business and focus on economic growth for all.

Entrepreneurship teaches you all the above and especially if you run your business organization on the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy.

I am grateful to P.C.S for the moral values it focused on, my parents for teaching me about sharing and loving and caring, and Modern School for teaching me Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the key to all that you do and feel…is the best MANTRA...

Be Blessed... Be an Entrepreneur !

Mamta Mamta

(This article is by courtesy of Mamta Mamta, who's herself an avid entrepreneur and business person and the role model for a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses. You can interact with her or find out more at Buzzaria or The Entrepreneur Alchemist )


  1. WOW WOW WOW Mamta I am blessed, Honoured, Humbled & Ecstatic to be a Part of Your Journey & to be able to Learn & Impart. Thank U :)

  2. As her name suggests...!!! ..way to go..mums

  3. Amazing we all beings need such personalities like Mamta ji, around us to intiate ,motivate and accelerate r dreams to reality..............Very well done .......All the best .............keep going..............JJJ