Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Creative Entrepreneur : Is an entrepreneur creative?

Recently a young girl came in to my store. She had recently discovered the art of quilling. She was a journalist before she discovered quilling. She mentioned how she loved quilling. She loved making products. “My arms hurt, my wrists also hurt. Sometimes it is four in the morning but I still need to keep working,” she said.

I had heard that, as a journalist, you could not stop the creative process once it started flowing. She had thought “oh this is impossible.” Now she was seeing it happen to her. The creative process just would not stop.

Entrepreneurship and Creativity have lots in common. Firstly, you cannot stop the flow, once it starts. You just want to keep going. It is like having a baby. You keep taking care forever and ever can stop.

Entrepreneurship is something like that feeling. Once it enters your blood stream, then you are possessed -- seriously! Ask me! I started in 1984 and since then neither my creativity nor my love and passion for entrepreneurship have decreased.

There is only one important factor -- you have to be in absolute complete love with what you are doing. Because only that love can make you hold on to it all. It is a journey that requires tremendous effort to implement.  Watching all you have dreamed about come true is a very revealing moment.  You may be an expert or experienced professional, but every moment is a new moment.

This is simply because while dreaming it is only about you, but while implementing it is everyone with you. Now the dream is shared and so they can never have the same passions. They may share it too but the passion is still yours. This is where most entrepreneurs tumble down like the proverbial Jack and Jill.

Implementation involves factors outside of us or factors we cannot control. Different factors come into play including the government -- a disliked word in India except by people who do business with them.

So, what can a mere entrepreneur do? Just keep at it, with complete integrity, passion, love and enthusiasm. Knowing that we require all the necessary ingredients for the success of our enterprise and actually believing that we will find them ingredients. Then actually making the effort to find and create the result we want is what differentiates the chalk from the cheese. That is why I keep repeating be in love with what you are doing, then you will always be the cheese, the most awesome cheese. :-)

Since we are on the topic of cheese, while setting up my store, I discovered a very quaint place called Cheese Chaplin. They manufactured and distributed cheese and the owner actually made pizzas for people. He said he did it to get feedback about his cheeses. Over the last 3 months, he has become a dear friend to whom one goes when one is hungry

Now I told him Vikasji  to please find me a good cleaner and an accountant, my only condition was that the person needed to be passionate about their work. He looked at me with a straight face and said, “You know, I could probably find you people who are good at their jobs but your simple request is the perhaps the most difficult to find. Passionate people are a tall order, I am sorry I can’t help you.”

Now, he too is an entrepreneur and his stories will also enthrall you, and yet, he said it is a rarity. It just made me more determined to find people passionate about their work. So determination has been added.

Now you need to be in love, passionate, enthusiastic, and determined and act with complete integrity. Many words seem like needless adjectives when it comes to Entrepreneurship but that is what making it more exciting.

Looking forward to discovering the A – Z of entrepreneurship. Blessings and Light for your journey as you light the path for all whom you allow to come into your journey as an entrepreneur.

Be Blessed …Be an Entrepreneur.

(This article is by courtesy of Mamta Mamta, who's herself an avid entrepreneur and business person and the role model for a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses. You can interact with her or find out more at Buzzaria or The Entrepreneur Alchemist )


  1. Hi...

    Enterepreneurship and creativity have lots of commonalities.

    Music also makes you think, breathe and eat only music. You see it everywhere, keep humming to yourself and keep trying to remember. You drum your fingers on the breakfast table and tap your hands on the driving wheel . You also count taala on your finger tips, as in deepchandi, rupak, 4 beats, you don't sleep till you get your hands on the song or raaga you are searching for.

    Another passion that is similar is art. i have been bitten by this bug and b elieve me, I eat, drink and sleep colours. I find beauty in everything, the concrete buildings, the way someone sits, the way the garment folds, the way the reflections appear, the monsoons..well the list is endless! Life is ever so exciting. It's just one canvas to the other.
    rest...you can visit my blog and get a fair idea..Yes am entrepreneurial about art and music!

  2. @ Facts of life - Thanks for your perspective, was certainly interesting. Would you mind sending your contact details to us at the email or mobile mentioned on the right-top-corner? We would love to chat with you and maybe even create a post around the interaction on music and entrepreneurship or music and life!

  3. Sent you an email.


  4. @ Facts of life - Thanks, someone from the Zing team'll get in touch with you shortly!

  5. Entrepreneurship, music, art, creativity : yes they have this common ingredient - PASSION !
    But I'm an aviator - I fly helicopters ....... and I sure am passionate like crazy about what I do. Its like the sky is my canvas .. and everytime I am airborne ... I create !!!

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