Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why is it important to change the way we think : The importance of a thought

We go through lives as we go through them. We are born, we grow up, along the way we study and choose a calling and spend our lives following that calling. Parallel development in our personal lives helps us start our own circles of family, friends and colleagues.  As we grow older, we plan our retired lives around the dividends we expect from life and all in all consider this a life well spent. 

Experiences and opportunities create varied flavors and colors for all of us.  Therefore, each person can and does lead a completely different life. So then why do we spend our lives trying to feel like one in a group or “just like him”?  It is because our mind has been trained to think like that – through a variety of influences. Influences like society, morality, familial values and other external influences often make the decision for us rather than information and motivation.

There are moments in our lives when we feel like taking risks or making huge changes. Such choices are always weighed against the impact they will have on all lives around us. It is a good way to gauge your decision but the decision should be taken for the right reasons, like why is it important to take the decision and even if it will affect you and your family, how can that be used to improve your lives.  Such decisions are often nixed by friends and family or even sometimes by our own mind, because it is better not to rock the boat that has been sailing for so long, unshaken.

But, like any good process, sometimes a good shake up is all that is needed. A shakeup is important because it makes you think about the new patterns. It is important to know that at any point of time in your life you always have a choice and it is a choice you can make. You might think -- think is something I do all the time. Why do I need to be told to think? We are not saying you do not think enough (perhaps you do) but we are saying you need to think about everything. Your hobbies. Your favorite subjects. Your fears. Your preferences. Your relationships. Your goals.

Every choice you make, every decision you take and every turn you contemplate—should be the result of a thought process. The easiest thing to do is to pick something someone else has already chosen. There is a comfort in that thought.  “I am like him so let me pick what he did.” But most often than not, you might be like him but you are not him. Therefore you need to decide what the best choices are for you from the available information you have, not the apparent choices you have.

Choices are what make a person. Therefore what you choose will decide how you shape up as a person. You could choose the tried and tested path.  But if you have done so knowing it the best choice for you, you will excel much more with the satisfaction of that knowledge.  Or you might be one of those people, who in some weak moment, choose to relive their regrets about a road they could have chosen.

Which person do you want to be? 

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