Friday, October 28, 2011

Can being supportive change a decision?

Ajay was a computer programmer at a reputed multinational but today is on his way to becoming a composer for feature films. All because of his pervasive love for music. Of course his love for music and encouragement from big composers was a big help towards his taking this step. But even bigger encouragement was his wife’s and family’s support for this venture.

Middle-class values in India emphasize the role of sons in the lives of their parents. Sons have to be many things and rarely in these roles is the place for an adventurer or an entrepreneur. What will happen if he takes a risk? His family? Who will take care of them should anything go wrong? These are reasons that are given more importance than they deserve.

In Ajay’s case he knew he had to follow his dream but he wanted to do it with the support of those around him. Ajay found a mid way. He and his wife spoke about the choice and decided to plan in such a way that their family could afford to take a risk. He saved enough to keep his family going for the next one year. The same one year he would take to give all to his dream of becoming a composer. At the same time, his wife would continue to work and support him.  “For me, it was a combination of stagnation at my job and desire to make my dream come true that made this step even possible. I could not continue doing what I was doing despite the economies of the job,” Ajay said. It made a difference to him not giving 100 per cent at his job and wondering about other things he could have done better. The final input for his decision was his supportive family and the planning made around his break.

He is a composer today on his first film, one he has even had to produce. A Marathi feature, which showcases the coming of age of teenagers, is almost like a story you may have heard somewhere else but is still a new story every time you hear it. His step, a closer to his dream, has also made him an unlikely counselor for many other such boys who have not yet found the courage to dream.

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