Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you know what 'artpreneurship' is?

Does having a hobby mean sacrificing your career or your job? Some might say yes and some might say no and some, like Kasturi Borkotoki, do what suits them the best. People like Kasturi find their balance between their jobs and their passion and arrive at a beautiful middle path. Art is her passion while holding down a full-time job. It’s a path that allows her to achieve her aim and goals without compromising what she believes are her necessities.

Here is a guest column by her for the Zing blog.

Kasturi Borkotoki
I have always been ready to go out on a paint-out to some faraway location on a Sunday, the only off from my mainstream job in human resources. While it was tempting to dedicate myself full-time to art, life’s turns compelled me to keep a stable environment through a job. I don't feel any push or pull at all when it comes to art. It is spontaneous, comes from the pits of my being and refreshes and energises me. I have a 6-day job and, at the time, when I started painting, I needed a creative outlet. That’s what led to the balance. 

I would take immense delight in drawing whatever I saw as I was travelling. That association also kept me going. I would think and see art everywhere. In the way people sat, stood, bended, or the way a garment folded, the way the leaves hung, the way the flowers bloomed, the way the slums looked in a shanty, the way the building rose. I have painted almost all subjects. I carry a sketch pad around with me all the time. I eventually organised a small exhibition which included my artwork and some of my daughter’s paintings in August 2011. It was a success and included small sales. The sense of achievement I got was more from the response of people to the exhibition than the sale. The feeling of acceptance was great! 

In this course of discovering time to pursue my passion I realised that I was able to look at my pursuit of art as an entrepreneurial venture. I am definitely entrepreneurial about my art. I have been following it as a constant passion for the past three years, soliciting critique and feedback. I have met different people through my art. I have a full business model in play now, which I plan to implement in the different stages of my life. 

I was also thirsting for a creative platform, where I could express myself irrespective of the confines of organisational or social set-ups, as there were lots of experiences and opinions that I felt strongly about. I painted and drew to seek refuge from loneliness. The canvas was and still is my most trustworthy friend. It will never abandon me. I painted to express anger, happiness, stress and fear. I painted to bond with my daughter. I evolved from different techniques and have finally come to a stance where I know what I am good at and what I am not. I didn’t have to work hard to be passionate about my art. In fact I was passionate about working hard for art! 

Kasturi with her art
My best achievements have been in instances when I have inspired others to paint and draw. One reason that bound me to art was the fact that I was from a Learning and Development background. I have worked in the knowledge industry for quite some time. I started devouring art- material with research in mind. Every day I found something new to read and something new to practise. I was experimenting and documenting the results. I have documented my experiential learning notes (a term borrowed from the behavioural training field) on my blog, all of which have been appreciated by fellow learning artists. 

Artpreneurship, or art and entrepreneurship, to me, is about a constant focus on excellence, creativity and innovation. The risk goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship. In my mind, I am ready to go the full measure with my art, in some years. I will be ready to take full ownership of the outcome of this venture. Till then, I will plan, create and innovate! Art created excitement, for me, giving colour and vivacity to what would have been an otherwise dull life. 

Learn more about Kasturi on her blog.

If you think you have a story that can be featured here, we would love to hear from you.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have you identified your passion?

There are people for whom deciding on a passion can be a chore. There are many of us out there who know not what it is we love to do. In the present we are afraid to risks, more so if we aren’t sure of what we love. Often we even have to deal with making passions into jobs which can lead to dissatisfaction. This tends to interfere with our notion that we would love our passions as job and then we have to deal with the reality that we lost interest in our passion because we tried to earn from it?

There is a whole new angle to exploring passions. Passions come easy to you when you decide that is the path you want to take. Let’s look at DharmendraRai.

A decade of conventional careers brought him to a place we often find ourselves at -- dissatisfied and unable to find a clear road ahead. He decided steps needed to be taken. But in which direction? He grappled with too many passions and interests in life. His ability to do them well was never a matter of discussion. He analyzed, consciously, what he wanted to do and ‘abandoned’ most of his beliefs in order to arrive at a decision of what he would like to pursue. That decision took some time.
Dharmendra Rai

This is usually not a step everyone can take consciously. Confronting our beliefs and consciously giving them up to choose life paths is something that takes conviction. It led him down a path that made him pick his beliefs and then, choose actions to stay true to these beliefs.

Dharmendra picked an avenue he was good with. He always loved training and interacting with people. But all the thinking led him down a road. He wanted to train but he also wanted to able to offer something others would not offer. That would be one way, according to him to use his passion and skill in a manner that would be most suited for making it a success.

He has completed an advance level in NLP and picked another specific avenue. Today he is the first and only MindMap trainer in Mumbai. His aim is to influence as many people as he can to do things differently and ably. To identify and work with what you are best at.

Passion is great and identifying is even better, he says. But you succeed if you put in a 100 per cent at whatever you do. Passion is not important as much as is the ability to identify a task you like and then keep to it by giving 100 per cent. “Learn about your hurdles and be committed to work hard, stop expecting miracles.” Today he conducts workshops, seminars, open seminars, does online courses -- all talking about and teaching his methods to identify, visualize and achieve goals. His aim -- to get more people to do creative exercises and achieve their goals and potential.

You, too, can realize your potential. NLP can help you indentify your goals, show you ways to achieve them, teach you steps to commit and work hard at them and finally achieving them. Contact us for the next workshop where you can participate.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who are your anchors?

What are the things that bring you peace? Thoughts, actions, gestures, material manifestation – it could be any one of these things or all of these things.  Peace and happiness or just the feeling of being content means different things for different people.

When you think of a job, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Security? Money? Passion? The reason it can mean different things is because it means different things for different people. There is nothing wrong with these associations but have you wondered how these associations have to come to form.

These associations form as a result of what we see, what we experience and what we see others experience.

Sometimes these associations get in the way of achieving what could potentially be our fullest capability because we hesitate to take an action that might not have a desired result. We hear some words and see some actions and immediately see a consequence.

This is a result of our experience and our observations. All this information creates a certain picture in our minds which becomes the truth for us. While that is completely correct conclusion, it is also not the only picture. Our mind processes much more than what we just see. And it is something we do not do consciously. How does one fight and change something we cannot identify consciously?

That is where Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP comes in. NLP helps you attune to your senses better. The thing about NLP is that it relies on cues and words that you have been using all your life. But it changes the default trigger patterns on those cues.

For example, there is an outfit you wear every time you need luck. You do not think you are superstitious but you guard this secret very safely, believing in omens. After an NLP seminar, you are most likely to look at that outfit as just another outfit, not one that can change the outcome. This, in turn, means you will make a better decision about an opportunity and not let it go because you weren’t wearing you lucky outfit.

NLP uses what are known as ‘anchors’, taught in NLP seminars in Mumbai, India, to change how we respond to everyday situations. By changing how we will react to situations, we even change the outcome of the situation. We use more information that is made available to us due to our senses and because of which we make more effective decisions. Trainings and workshops are regularly conducted to familiarize you with the concepts of NLP.  These workshops give certification in different degrees of competency in NLP. A basic workshop consists of rigorous five-day workouts with NLP concepts, with a trainer in Mumbai.

NLP can help you make better decisions that will enable you to achieve your full potential. Do you know you can make your life better by just making better decisions? You can email us to sign up for the next beginner-level workshop.

It is the holiday season and we, at Zing, would like to wish you good wishes for the season. Hope you have a powerful and achievement-laden 2012. We will see you in 2012.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Does passion always equal a fabulous job?

Often people don’t take risks because they do not have support or because they are not able to convince their loved ones how important their dream is. And there are others who find that support without having to prove themselves. Madhav Ajgaonkar is one such music composer.

Madhav’s very clear. He is what he is today is because of the support of all those around him.

“I love music and have always known that. But to make my dream happen and for my passion to support my life, my family and friends were instrumental. My father was very supportive. He taught me the value of money and showed me why it is important to even raise money, not just borrow from friends and family.

Madhav Ajgaonkar

 “We did street shows and theatre and worked hard to put together money for the first background sound for a documentary. We showed our documentary at a school. That sound of children clapping is still with me. That means more to me than most accolades that I have gathered along the way.”

Two of his most important influences in life are his father and his wife.  He also attributes the fact that he was the second sibling and that took considerable pressure off him to not need to follow conventional roles. “Not only did my brother help me whenever I needed it, he helped me follow my dream by just being him.

“My wife has also been my pillar and my strength. She not only believed in my dream but also supported me and our new family till I got a hang of things.  People are always needed for encouragement.  You can decide to follow your dream and even achieve it but it always makes a difference when people around you believe in you.”

Today he successfully creates background scores for movies. He even dabbles in other areas of music. He encourages young artists. But if anyone asks him about following music as a passion and a dream job, he gives an unexpected answer.

Madhav had an interesting perspective on following your passion. Having done what he has done, today he is quite certain that if he had to do things differently he would have preferred keeping his passion a passion alone.

“I was good at academics and today wonder would I have created better and more music if I only did it as a hobby? In case of every passion that becomes a job there comes a time when you start doing it like a job and not enjoying it for the passion it is. It even happens to my music. I slowly began to segregate the music I create and the job I do. There are times when both meet but often one is to pay the bills while the other feeds the soul. It brought me to a place where I wondered if I did anything else, would I have enjoyed my passion more or do I enjoy it more because I do every day?

Madhav may or may not know the answer to that question but he took a step early in life and with the immense support around him today carved a niche in an industry that blooms with new artist and technicians every day.

What do you think?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Why a passion isn't always a job?

We are often creatures of habit as we discussed earlier. We live and we learn. We look around and observe and see and read about people who take chances and live their fullest. Then, in keeping with human nature, we compare. We compare their situation to ours, their choices to ours, their results to ours and many other such comparisons.

We come away thinking that was them, not me. I could never do something like that. Take that risk. Make that leap. No. I am good at what I do and so what if I am not passionate. That can’t be the most important aspect. So you convince yourself.

Vishvesh Avashia
But then there are some of those who don’t need to physically move jobs or careers to discover their passion. They have a drive to find their passion from within and not necessarily by changing all the variables before they attempt the journey to find their passion. Their aim is to find a passion in their existing job or career paths that elevates the job to a level of a passion.

I met one such person and speaking to him I realized sometimes to see a change in your life, you need to be the change. Vishvesh Avashia discovered he liked working with people. People in teams meant diversity. Working with different people meant all working together and achieving the same result. It was a great fillip for him to work with people.

He started off working as a project manager and today works with entrepreneurs, understanding their business and its needs better in order to be able to provide effective solutions. But that is just what he does. What he loves is working with so many minds, each with a creative input. Each mind and person present a challenge, one he could hardly replicate no matter where or what he does. He is always looking for openness and the collaborative spirit. It helps him respond to the passion he sees in other people.

His aim, to find his balance, was to be able to use his skills in the most complementary way to be able to identify his and others’ passion. This study and exercise did not come from a place of not wanting to change but instead, came from a place of wanting to tweak and hone what one already knows exists.

Do you feel like that? You love your work but would like to change certain aspects of it? Are you having a tough time identifying it? Ask us how.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Creative Entrepreneur : Is an entrepreneur creative?

Recently a young girl came in to my store. She had recently discovered the art of quilling. She was a journalist before she discovered quilling. She mentioned how she loved quilling. She loved making products. “My arms hurt, my wrists also hurt. Sometimes it is four in the morning but I still need to keep working,” she said.

I had heard that, as a journalist, you could not stop the creative process once it started flowing. She had thought “oh this is impossible.” Now she was seeing it happen to her. The creative process just would not stop.

Entrepreneurship and Creativity have lots in common. Firstly, you cannot stop the flow, once it starts. You just want to keep going. It is like having a baby. You keep taking care forever and ever can stop.

Entrepreneurship is something like that feeling. Once it enters your blood stream, then you are possessed -- seriously! Ask me! I started in 1984 and since then neither my creativity nor my love and passion for entrepreneurship have decreased.

There is only one important factor -- you have to be in absolute complete love with what you are doing. Because only that love can make you hold on to it all. It is a journey that requires tremendous effort to implement.  Watching all you have dreamed about come true is a very revealing moment.  You may be an expert or experienced professional, but every moment is a new moment.

This is simply because while dreaming it is only about you, but while implementing it is everyone with you. Now the dream is shared and so they can never have the same passions. They may share it too but the passion is still yours. This is where most entrepreneurs tumble down like the proverbial Jack and Jill.

Implementation involves factors outside of us or factors we cannot control. Different factors come into play including the government -- a disliked word in India except by people who do business with them.

So, what can a mere entrepreneur do? Just keep at it, with complete integrity, passion, love and enthusiasm. Knowing that we require all the necessary ingredients for the success of our enterprise and actually believing that we will find them ingredients. Then actually making the effort to find and create the result we want is what differentiates the chalk from the cheese. That is why I keep repeating be in love with what you are doing, then you will always be the cheese, the most awesome cheese. :-)

Since we are on the topic of cheese, while setting up my store, I discovered a very quaint place called Cheese Chaplin. They manufactured and distributed cheese and the owner actually made pizzas for people. He said he did it to get feedback about his cheeses. Over the last 3 months, he has become a dear friend to whom one goes when one is hungry

Now I told him Vikasji  to please find me a good cleaner and an accountant, my only condition was that the person needed to be passionate about their work. He looked at me with a straight face and said, “You know, I could probably find you people who are good at their jobs but your simple request is the perhaps the most difficult to find. Passionate people are a tall order, I am sorry I can’t help you.”

Now, he too is an entrepreneur and his stories will also enthrall you, and yet, he said it is a rarity. It just made me more determined to find people passionate about their work. So determination has been added.

Now you need to be in love, passionate, enthusiastic, and determined and act with complete integrity. Many words seem like needless adjectives when it comes to Entrepreneurship but that is what making it more exciting.

Looking forward to discovering the A – Z of entrepreneurship. Blessings and Light for your journey as you light the path for all whom you allow to come into your journey as an entrepreneur.

Be Blessed …Be an Entrepreneur.

(This article is by courtesy of Mamta Mamta, who's herself an avid entrepreneur and business person and the role model for a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses. You can interact with her or find out more at Buzzaria or The Entrepreneur Alchemist )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When work does not give stress: How to make work fun?

After the great response to Mamta's earlier post, we decided to ask her to do another guest post on what is work. Here she is on what is work for her. 

Yesterday I had a meeting around 11.00 p.m. at the Marriott, Jaipur. I had come from Delhi and the person I was meeting was to arrive from Bangalore. My niece, a resident of Jaipur, accompanied me; I promised her a glass of wine J

On our way, we got lost and instead of getting there 15 minutes early, we got late.We still went to the bar and found it shut for the day. We sat down and had water, forgetting that I could search for the person I was to meet. Eventually I called the person I was to meet and she said she was sitting in the coffee shop. I also learned that wine was available even in the coffee shop… so we trudged there and found two people eating their dinner and waiting for us.

We discussed all that we had to and then I asked if I could order a glass of wine - the same one I had promised my niece. Three of us opted for the same wine, sipping it slowly. Conversations touched other areas that they required assistance with. The meeting was very relaxed, informal and casual  and went on till 1.00 a.m. without any of us realizing.

Today I met my niece again as she dropped me to the airport for my flight as I was running late. And the very next minute I got a text message saying my flight had been delayed by 30 minutes. My niece remarked, “Wow! Now we do not have to rush. Yesterday, your meeting was so cool, nice, relaxed, and so interesting. It did not at all feel like work. Mausi thank you, thank God, your flight has got delayed. Now we can chat.”

Yet the same delay ensured that I was late sending an important courier. Though, at that moment, I was set back, the angels are with me J and I got the opportunity to write this article. This delay did send me wondering, why WORK carries tags like stress, workaholic, hard working, tough, horrible, and demanding. I am sure you get the message.

Now if you were to sleep nonstop and every day, I am sure, your body will feel symptoms of stress. Of course they symptoms will be of a different kind of stress. Imagine if you were only eating J . My point is if whatever we do is fun and we spend our time we are willing to spend on a task, why would it create stress?  We balance it with by doing some other stuff, and not allow life to become boring and mundane.

Then, my niece asked me, why do people not want to experience new things? Why are they happy being the same way forever? How can people exist for sake of existing?

If we approach everything with love and fun, then all that we call work and life becomes fun. If you find the space you are in, seems like a burden or ‘work’ then Get Out. Let GO… Move On. Find your groove.

And… as I was writing this at the airport, my poor old computer lost all the reserve battery and I thought, it was for the best. As I continue this thought, things I believe have always been put to test. Did I come out of it with flying colors? I hope so, my friends always say I do, and that I am amazing. J

I think the part of me, which loves fairly tales, wishes that nothing should be out of place… EVER. I want it all picture perfect. A dear friend will say who defines it as out of place… God Bless You. J

The compassionate me keeps forgiving others, again and again . Maybe those are the times my ego needs a boost. The businessperson in me keeps wondering about the costly effect of errors. Oh! How would our world appear minus accountants?

The logical, practical and analytical side of me knows it all J and knows what does not work, when it is not working and how to fix what is not working. (Now we do MBAs to learn about this aspect) and imagine I have spent last 30 years working to learn all this.

The experiences say why do you need to learn things again and again? How does one keep the love for work and life intact, the special feeling, the high (which was definitely not created by wine) that I felt at Marriott and which my niece sensed too.

I love what I do and balancing it with the time does not seem to be in divine synchronicity. This is what Entrepreneurship is about. Work and Life both have their lows, challenges and upsets, as an Entrepreneur, one tends to face them, sometimes as if life is only a tornado.

Does the answer lie in slowing down? No way. I must do what I have come here to do and smile at the tornado with my most charming smile and say tomorrow you will be gone but I will be here. J

Be Persistent! Be in Love! Be in Balance

Proud to be an EntrepreneurJ

Be proud of yourself and be an Entrepreneur.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deadlines and creativity: Do deadlines affect creativity?

Deadlines and creativity! Do these two words seem at odds? The natural assumption is that nothing creative can come out of a fixed time line. But I’ll have you know that in almost all creative pursuits deadlines are just as important as the creative output.

Here is an interesting video on the creativity and why unrealistic deadlines do not really help.

Video courtesy

And there are ways in which creativity can be easily developed. And as your creativity starts developing, it becomes easier to meet deadlines. Do you feel that it might help you? Does reading this make you ask yourself a question “I wonder how can this be done?” 

E-mail us and we will tell you how. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How can NLP help make a better choice?

Every decision you make is a choice. When you have to pick your favorite ice cream from an ice cream shop, you know and can see all your options and the ‘choice’ aspect is evident. When it comes to picking between well-paying job and a less well-paying job, sometimes it feels like there is no ‘choice’. Is that really how it is? ‘No Choice?’

No choice is a situation where you are not able to see all available option and opportunities. It is never about only two choices and two decision making factors.  Nothing is as black and white as that. With an attitude change and new ways to interpret what your brain tells you, you can make a better and more effective choice. You can look the same options differently because you are now not bound by what thought patterns tell us or old habits and conditioning tell us to feel. 

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming helps us ‘reprogram’ our minds. What that means is that when presented with the same set of circumstances and choices, you will be able to make an effective decision – a decision that will take you closer to your goal of how to lead your life to the fullest.

Through NLP, you do not just think but you also bring into your life, acting and experimenting. You unlearn what you know and relearn ways to interpret the same data in new patterns. The aim of this new thinking and decision making process is to ensure that you make an informed choice which results in the best decision for you to achieve your goal.

NLP uses language and senses to help you understand and observe people, things and events around you. Better observation skills lead to more information about choices before making a decision. Therefore, in the quandary of a well-paying and a less well-paying job, you might pick the same option as you did before you encountered NLP but you will have done it with fewer influences and perhaps, more long lasting benefits.
The skill to organize your existing knowledge and experience to produce the results you want is a powerful responsibility. It is a responsibility that almost certainly guarantees you what you want for you. 

Does this mean even setting a goal is as big a choice as is fulfilling that goal?

You might wonder how it works and what is it like to think or feel and make it all come true. Want to know more about NLP and how it can help you make better choices? Call +91 91670 92999 or send a mail (with your contact information to info@zcc.co.in.

3rd Dec 2011 

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Enrollments invited... hurry only 20 seats to be filled. For details call 9167092999 NOW!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

On being an entrepreneur and business person : How to live as an entrepreneur or business person

When Umesh asked me to write an article, I just said yes because I love writing :)  … and then, I visited this blog, and peeped around, oh boy what could I write about?

My life so far has been very colorful and full of interesting experiences. I wouldn't put all of them in the happy or pleasant category and when you look back as I am doing right now and ask yourself, where do I begin, it seems truly exciting and daunting.

I don't think I have ever done the expected...always one of those who wanted to bend rules, ignore rules, make rules, yet in love with tradition, culture, elders, teachers, systems, country... so always lived in contradiction.

How do you get born in a traditional, conservative, north Indian business family and that to as a female and in the 60's and yet understand Who You Are. Back then such thoughts were not even entertained let alone discussed.

I was lucky that my family believed education for the female population was very important and the best-est school is the only thing best. Therefore, at age five I got sent to Presentation Convent School. Prior to that few private classes were organized to ensure that I know all the required stuff for the exam. In those days, P.C.S (that is what my school was known as) was a huge deal, the top school a girl could join.

I passed through with flying colors :) and in my excitement went the next day to my old school, and went personally to each student and gave them sweets and told them I got admission :) Now I was all of age five.

But, when I look back I wonder did all the kids appreciate this little five year bragging :))...my enthusiasm got me to do that or maybe my parents asked me to distribute the sweets. I am not sure, though it does not matter. I did do so :)

How does one decide what to share? Especially now in the present with Facebook, being our window to the world, 24 x 7. Have we all turned into exhibitionist or simply the enthusiasm of the five year old me...is what we are all about. Our soul simply wants to share.

My nine-year-old nephew recently asked his tuition teacher if she was going for F1, she politely declined and next minute pat came; his reply well I am going :)

I had just walked into the room and was a bit aghast; and then I calmed myself. He is all of nine years and is just; wanting to share his enthusiasm, unaware of the economic divide that exists. So glaringly in our country, that how we co – exist simply amazes me. God Bless us All. The incident reminded me of my joining the new school at age 5; where the fee was 10 times of the school, I was leaving behind.

How does one cope with the economic divide, which exists and remain humble, loving, caring and live each day with trust, honesty, and integrity and yet enthusiastically.

The answer is simple :) Be an entrepreneur... start a business and focus on economic growth for all.

Entrepreneurship teaches you all the above and especially if you run your business organization on the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy.

I am grateful to P.C.S for the moral values it focused on, my parents for teaching me about sharing and loving and caring, and Modern School for teaching me Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the key to all that you do and feel…is the best MANTRA...

Be Blessed... Be an Entrepreneur !

Mamta Mamta

(This article is by courtesy of Mamta Mamta, who's herself an avid entrepreneur and business person and the role model for a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses. You can interact with her or find out more at Buzzaria or The Entrepreneur Alchemist )

Friday, October 28, 2011

Can being supportive change a decision?

Ajay was a computer programmer at a reputed multinational but today is on his way to becoming a composer for feature films. All because of his pervasive love for music. Of course his love for music and encouragement from big composers was a big help towards his taking this step. But even bigger encouragement was his wife’s and family’s support for this venture.

Middle-class values in India emphasize the role of sons in the lives of their parents. Sons have to be many things and rarely in these roles is the place for an adventurer or an entrepreneur. What will happen if he takes a risk? His family? Who will take care of them should anything go wrong? These are reasons that are given more importance than they deserve.

In Ajay’s case he knew he had to follow his dream but he wanted to do it with the support of those around him. Ajay found a mid way. He and his wife spoke about the choice and decided to plan in such a way that their family could afford to take a risk. He saved enough to keep his family going for the next one year. The same one year he would take to give all to his dream of becoming a composer. At the same time, his wife would continue to work and support him.  “For me, it was a combination of stagnation at my job and desire to make my dream come true that made this step even possible. I could not continue doing what I was doing despite the economies of the job,” Ajay said. It made a difference to him not giving 100 per cent at his job and wondering about other things he could have done better. The final input for his decision was his supportive family and the planning made around his break.

He is a composer today on his first film, one he has even had to produce. A Marathi feature, which showcases the coming of age of teenagers, is almost like a story you may have heard somewhere else but is still a new story every time you hear it. His step, a closer to his dream, has also made him an unlikely counselor for many other such boys who have not yet found the courage to dream.

Do you know anyone like Ajay? Contact us and we could feature them on the Zing blog. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What does it mean to be supportive?

Everyone thinks it is the brave who take risks. That might be true for warriors and soldiers. But in everyday life everyone who lives the life they as they want is deemed a risk-taking individual. Have you ever thought why? We are often afraid to take steps that would bring us closer to our dream not because we fear the outcome but often because we fear what others will think of us.

Whether we like to admit it or not, conditioning and societal approval plays a big role in our decisions. We are all products of our upbringing and we cannot underestimate the importance of the support from our family and friends. When we are students we turn to our family who step up and tell us what would be a perfect match for us. As we slowly create our life in the world where job and material achievements form benchmarks, we need our friends to make us strong. So if you have a friend or a spouse or a family member who wants to venture out, never underestimate your role when it comes to supporting that person.

Chetan Bhagat
Vikramaditya Motwane

You hear of many writers and film makers and many other creative professionals who started working life with what are considered ‘normal’ jobs. Think Chetan Bhagat. Think John Abraham. Think Vikramaditya Motwane. Think of the many new film makers or writers who have waited to fulfil their dreams. In most cases, a supportive spouse or family is what kept these guys going. These are people who have made it known that they took a risk for something they loved. There are many more untold stories out there about such people who also went out on a limb, fighting conditioning and definitions of normal only to find a way to be happy.

One such person is Ajay Naik who went from being a programmer to a composer with the support of his family. Do you want to how he did it?

Picture courtesy:  Chetan Bhagat, Vikramaditya Motawane

Monday, October 17, 2011

What all you can do with your brain.

You know you can choose who you want to be. But is that all you think it will take to become that person? No. You also realize that you need to crystallize what you want. You need to identify what path and method you need to follow to get there. You need to visualize your goal. But will that be enough?

You might do everything you need to do. Arrange, identify and visualize everything that needs to be done and still not get any closer to your goals. Do you know why? It is because you are bound by what you think and experience. These are unconscious cues which you might not always register but they play a big part in shaping your life.

So does that make you any different from any other person following his or her dreams? It just makes you slower or less effective. Do you want to get a head start on the rest of your life? Let me, then, introduce you to an innovative concept called Neuro Linguistic Programming.

To break it up, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is ‘reprogramming’ our habits and our sensory perceptions to accelerate our goal-achieving capability.  Our experience comprises what we know, what we understand and what we do. What we know is a product of what we see, feel, hear, smell and touch.  Therefore our reality is bound by what we experience. NLP can help us to achieve what we want, by knowing and understanding reality differently.

NLP is a school of thought co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Many interesting thoughts and turns bought these two to a crossroad where they observed the work of therapists Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. From there, it moved on to observing successful people in various arenas of life. Observation of their work led to a new way of thinking which over the years has lead to NLP. Research into NLP has now led to quite a few different schools today. Continual research indicates how much more there is to the mind that is still to be discovered.
All this sounds great but what about the nuts and bolts, you must wonder. All this talk about mind makes NLP sound quite abstract, doesn’t it?  

Do you want to know how NLP can actually help you? What techniques are used? Does it only help for your larger goals in life? What about improving your motivation to exercise?  Or trying to quit smoking? Can you attend an introduction before you make up your mind? You can do all this and more.

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